Without the generous support of our sponsors, none of what we do would be possible. Their continued support and investment in us allows us to develop into better engineers and business people. To all of our sponsors, thank you!

Based in Calgary, Optima Manufacturing provides precision machining. From CNC Turning and Milling, to EDM and grinding, Optima has the equipment and experience to produce precision parts for any application. Their excellent work has produced three generations of wheel uprights for Schulich Racing that have always exceeded expectations. 

Honda has been a long time supporter of Schulich Racing. We have been running Honda engines for a number of years because of their reliability, serviceability, and performance. We are looking forward to working with Honda in the years to come. 

Formed on the principles of honesty and integrity, Recon Metal is committed to providing the most efficient and environmentally sound solutions to Calgary’s metal recycling community. Their partnership Schulich Racing has provided us with the resources we needed to develop the SR18.

Mike's Auto Haus provides certified VW and Audi maintenance and repair services. Their high level quality and service sets them apart from other service shops. Schulich Racing is proud to partner with Mike's Auto House for the 2016-2017 season. 

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Honda has been a long time supporter of Schulich Racing. We have been running Honda engines for a number of years because of their reliability, serviceability, and performance. We are looking forward to working with Honda in the years to come. 

In addition to maintenance services, Calgary Autoworks also provides tuning and dyno services. They've been very kind in donating a Haltech Elite 1500 ECU to the team which we used in the SR17. Additionally, they have also provided tuning and ECU setup support for the past two years. Check out our video showcasing their services

DS Solidworks provides a suite of CAD and simulation tools to Schulich Racing. From Computational Fluid Dynamics to Finite Element Analysis the tools the variety of tools they provide are used all over our vehicles. 

Agile Manufacturing provides 3D printed parts and materials. With a range of printing capabilities Agile is the largest 3D printing bureau in Canada. This season Agile provided the 3D printed intake used on the SR18. The capabilities of their shop allowed us to manufacture challenging parts with ease.

Ricardo provides consultancy and engineering services for a number of industries from motorsports to rail. Based in West Sussex, they are a leading global provider of product innovation, engineering solutions, clean technology and strategic consulting with nearly a century of experience. Schulich Racing we use their Wave software package to evaluate powertrain upgrades and engine performance.

Calgary's newest modern country/party bar, Knoxville's Tavern has served as the venue for a number of Schulich Racing's fundraisers. From their patio to their dance floor Knoxville's always puts on a night to remember.

Rapid3D is Western Canada's leading supplier of 3D technologies and services. This season they provided us with a full 3D scan of our engine which has proved to be extremely useful in our CAD modelling. Check out our video showcasing their services 

Located in Calgary's Stampede Park, Cowboys Casino is home to two restaurants, a dance floor, and a casino. This past year Cowboys hosted our November fundraiser. 

Schulich Racing has used TeXtreme carbon fibre in the bodywork, dashboard, and intake plenum of our last two vehicles. It has proven to be both a strong and light material while also being visually appealing.

A world leader in bearing technology, SKF sets the standard for quality and precision. From the enormous bearings used on driving rigs to seals used on trains, SKF products are used all over the world. This season they've provided us with rod ends for our suspension members. 

Founded in 1855, Samuel, Son & Co. is a family-owned and operated, integr​ated network of metal manufacturing, processing and distribution divisions. This season Samuel supported Schulich Racing with high grade aluminum which we used in our uprights. This high grade material allows us to produce stronger and lighter parts.

Airtech is the largest manufacturer in the world of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials. This season we used their materials in the manufacturing of our carbon fibre and fibreglass parts.

Shorai specializes in producing lithium ion batteries for ATVs, watercraft, and motorcycles. This year we chose to use Shorai batteries on the SR18 for the energy storage capacity and their lightness.

Top Gun coatings is known for their quality and service in ceramic dipping and powder coating. We are very happy to have partnered with Top Gun for the past two seasons. The ceramic coating they applied to our exhaust headers has been very important for managing exhaust heat.