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The first of Schulich Racing's vehicles to return to the sidepod configuration, the SR18 was a major upgrade from the SR17. Featuring a side mounted radiator, 4-1 exhaust system, seat with built-in firewall, and an aluminum honeycomb impact attenuator, this car was a notable step forward from previous generations. These changes paid off massively at the 2017 Lincoln FSAE competition where the team achieved a team-best 22 place overall, 1st in cost, and completed endurance for the first time ever. See the SR18 in action here.


Engine: Honda CBR 600 f4i

Weight: 472lbs

Frame: 4130 Steel Space Frame

Differential: Torsen T1

Wheelbase: 1596mm

Tires: Hoosier R26B

ECU: Vipec V44

Competition Results

Overall: 22/80
Cost - 1st
Business - 21st
Design - 16th
Auto X - 38th
Endurance - 22nd
Efficiency - 14th
Skidpad - 38th
Acceleration - 43rd

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