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Building off of the success of the SR18, the SR19 was designed to be a more reliable and better-engineered upgrade to its predecessor. While they followed a similar layout to the subsystems on the SR18, nearly every component on the SR19 was re-evaluated and improved. Most notably, the ergonomics of the car were massively improved with an infinitely adjustable pedalbox and fitted seat. Additionally, the suspension packaging was revamped to improve cornering grip and the cooling system was redeveloped to manage the high temperatures at competition. The design changes to the car and its reliability paid off as it set a new best finish record for the team achieving 16th at Lincoln 2018. The SR19 also completed every event at competition including the endurance event. This marked the second consecutive endurance finish for Schulich Racing. Check out our competition video here.


Engine: Honda CBR 600 F4i

Frame: 4130 Steel Space Frame

Differential: Torsen T1

Wheelbase: 1596mm

Tires: Hoosier R26B

ECU: Performance Electronics PE3

Competition Results

Overall: 16/80
Cost - 2nd
Business - 17th
Design - 7th
Auto X - 30th
Endurance - 19th
Efficiency - 23rd
Skidpad - 31st
Acceleration - 35th


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