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As Schulich Racing's most accomplished car to date, the SR-20 achieved the team's ambitious goal of earning a top 10 finish at FSAE Lincoln 2019.

The engineering philosophy of the SR20 was dictated by the overarching target of increasing the car's performance by 20% over the SR19. Along with the addition of a dry-sump oil system to improve the powertrain's capablities, it is the team's first car to boast a competition spec aerodynamics package. These developments complement the performance gains seen in mechanical grip as a result of a meticulously designed suspension system. Despite the addition of several new components, the SR-20 impressively weighs 36 pounds less than the SR-19.


The team behind this year's car was focused on creating a competitive vehicle by pushing the limits of the team's technical abilities.


Engine: Honda CBR 600 F4i

Frame: 4130 Steel Space Frame (900 Nm/deg)

Vehicle Weight: 457lbs

CG Height: 9.75"

Differential: Drexler LSD

Wheelbase: 1537mm

Tires: Hoosier R25B, LC0 (16"x7.5")

Dampers: Ohlins TTX25

ECU: Performance Electronics PE3

DAQ: Race Capture Pro Mk3

Competition Results

Overall: 9/76 teams
Cost - 4th
Business - 45th
Design - 9th
Auto X - 19th
Endurance - 7th
Efficiency - 30th
Skidpad - 8th
Acceleration - 27th


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